Knowledge alone does nothing. Success occurs only when the new habits become part of the daily schedule.

The iJoule app sets the targets deliberately small and offers solutions to possible pitfalls.  Already in 40 days, the iJoule-App makes it possible to implement a healthy lifestyle. The right time to start is "now".  Use the momentum of your powerful decision and start immediately.  A healthy lifestyle is very easy with the right habits.

Complex knowledge is easily translated and integrated into everyday life. With just a few minutes iJoule can be integrated easily into any daily routine. The iJoule app explains exactly cause and effect of each habit. From the time of activation, the iPhone reminds you every day to implement the habit as a new habit.

4 steps to success:
  • Balanced diet
  • Adequate physical exercise
  • Motivation and mental fitness
  • Qualified knowledge of recognized experts

„The only way to break a bad habit is to replace it with a better habit.” Jack Nicholson

Have fun in your new lifestyle!iJoule - makes health easy
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