Why habits?

The individual components of a healthy lifestyle are quite a common knowledge. But just knowing them alone would not do the trick!
On the other hand, sticking to certain simple habits during the day will help preserve your health and maintain the quality of life. This can be easily done by developing healthy habits following a set of Habits. Check it out!


We all know how easy and tempting the bad, unhealthy habits are — they sneak in and easily become a part of our life. Why should you opt for the healthy habits? Healthy habits are something that one learns and cultivates over time, sometimes they require forced effort, and always a firm determination.

The iJoule habits might seem boring or tedious at first but once they become your habitual routine the visible success is not far off. Just stay focused on the benefits of the vital changes you are making to your lifestyle. The iJoule app will help you find your way around them and you'll quickly move forward. 

The habits seem to be very simple; first and foremost, you will learn that small steps in the right direction are far more effective and easy to do than trying to make huge, all-around changes all at once. Check it out!

Drink a glass of water in the morning

In the morning your body urgently needs water to compensate for fluid loss during the night and to produce enough energy for the brain. More about using water as your inner Turbo you can learn from the iJoule app.


All physiological processes require water. For transportation of nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, trace elements, etc. Similarly, our bodies need water to remove toxins and waste products. Water is our most precious natural resource. Have a try — after a few days you will get used to feeling like a glass of water in the morning.

Detect the sugar content using the Sugar Cube trick

If you regularly consume too much sugar your body feels limp, lacks energy, you feel tired or even depressed. It is therefore important to stick to the correct sugar-intake. Too much sugar harms our body! With the Sugar Cube trick you can work out where you'll get your required dose of sugar from and how to gradually reduce your sugar intake.


The optimal dose can be easily calculated using the App. It roughly corresponds to an average daily dose of 10 sugar cubes or alternatively 60g of any sweeteners. It is interesting that a higher dose causes an insatiable desire for more sugar.

1xday balance exercises

How to train balance and posture without loosing too much time? All you need is to remember about it, and to make sure you don't forget in the whirlwind of daily work and errands, the App will remind you throughout the day!


A sprained ankle, just as a whole great variety of other injuries, are associated with balance. Balance exercises are usually a part of rehabilitation treatments for injured athletes, but even better when used to avoid injuries.

Faulty information of your scale

When you want to change your physical appearance and your health once and for all, then pack away the scales and do everything what is possible for you to burn fat and live healthy! Simple habits, such as a balanced diet and physical fitness, can quickly make a difference. These new habits can be developed in under a month! So from now on, burn fat successfully and enjoy your life, then your body is supposed to be just like it should be: full of vitality and joy!

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